Hi. My name is Michael, and I live in Austria spending my time drawing comics. In the past, I did a couple other artsy things, like murals, stencils, linocut, and songs. Some of them are collected on

The goal of the blog changed a bit over the years. Initially, in 2009, it was supposed to advertise my writing chops. The idea was to send blog entries to magazines & newspapers, and see if they want me to write for them. There were a handful interested media outlets, but it turned out they weren’t very interested in paying a lot. Or a little. One of the interested newspapers is now bankrupt, I believe.

Anyway, after trying to enjoy working in the media industry for several years (ORF ON, Konsument), I decided to call it quits and focus on art instead. I’ve been writing on a regular basis since I was 18, but in the last decade I’ve started experimenting with different media. I keep bouncing between art, music, and writing, although currently I believe the bouncing is about to stabilize. Maybe the stabilization is comics.

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