I’m busy watching Michael Jackson’s funeral, so I’ll keep it short.

passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive) notes

passive-aggresive notes is a collection of, well, passive-aggressive notes. Duh. Most of the notes seem to originate from shared apartments, and more specifically, shared bathrooms, fridges, and pantries.

Not too surprising. As a former casualty of flat-sharing myself, I can relate to the pain a missing yogurt or a decomposing can of dog-food can generate. On the other hand, I never wrote lenghty letters of accusation like this three-part Ladies Room Notice. Or this crazy door cum pin board full of legal threats and rants against smoking.

Jesus. Trash as narrative art, please try not to leave hair in the bathroom, get a new bed or make your boyfriend lose weight - the list goes on and on. Stick to “Greatest Hits” and “Most Popular” to the right of the page, these are the funnier ones. Or go buy the book.