The Polynomial is a trippy space shooter by Dmytry Lavrov, pitting you against mathematically generated fractal scenery and models for the sake of reaching the best high score.

The Polynomial

Or, as Dmytry puts it, “you fly around, shoot some stuff, collect some other stuff, and dodge enemy bullets”.

Yes, but the flying around is the fun bit. Diving through multi-colored star nebulas, shooting at jellyfish that explode in bright flashes that generate more stars… ahhh. That’s really beautiful. And meaningless. But beautiful.

The Polynomial doesn’t come with a soundtrack, but firing up your own MP3-player beforehand shouldn’t be much of a problem. I recommend some Froese, maybe Aqua from 1974? Eh, maybe I should try some Philip Glass, that could work as well. Anyways, go download a free preview of The Polynomial, available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.