Picture your social world as a large, well-lit closet / a tunnel extending through society from birth to death / a cave of shadows artificially illuminated / a populous boat adrift in a sea beyond meaning.

[Situationist International Comics] (http://www.flickr.com/photos/didgebaba/sets/671958/)

The sea is an image of the world, a whole world; there is a universe beyond the widest reach of human perception. I do not yet know it / do you?

After someone posted the link to Persepolis 2.0 on Metafilter, it was quickly pointed out that recycling comics for political means is old hat. The Situationist International advocated subversion or détournement of pop culture’s fake reality, in order to show the underlying capitalist degradation of human life.

Bureaucratic Comix (1971), Terry and the Situationists (1981) or Dagwood on Détournement (1981) are crude examples of how one’s subversive scalpel can be used to cut an open space just large enough for revolution to pass through. For a more thorough examination of critical and situationist theory, download Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle and his User’s Guide to Détournement.