Whether you’re trying to pitch a book, song, or your piece of software, The Zero Budget Indie Marketing Guide provides helpful advice that comes at no cost.

David Byrne Powerpoint

To be more specific, it comes at no cost if your time is worth nothing. Building contacts with the media, entering competitions, creating an interesting public persona, starting a blog - well yeah, easier said than done.

Too many game developers spend most of their time huddled up in the proverbial basement while hacking out a masterpiece, only to emerge at the end of the dev cycle and realise that they suddenly have to win friends, influence people and promote their work well enough to make the project worthwhile.

Yes, you really have to go for that magic mix of total introversion meets total extraversion. But I have to say I like this piece, it’s good solid advice, even if it can be reduced to “markets are conversations” + “marketing is an assload of work, too”. Nevertheless, if you believe the long tail will make you rich & happy, go read Chopping the Long Tail down to size by Andrew Orlowski. (Powerpoint art above courtesy of David Byrne’s Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information)