Great, now I can take turns playing Alleykat and writing about my utter lack of skill seconds later.

Twitter with your C64

To use Johan Van den Brande’s Twitter client BREADBOX64, you’ll need a vintage Commodore 64 with an ethernet adapter and the Contiki-OS. Losers with IBM-compatible PCs can get it working with VICE.


The C64 was introduced by Commodore in august 1982, it is 25 years old now. It had astounding graphics and sound capabilities for its time, but if you look at them now they are a bit outdated. The CPU, a 6502 from MOS Technologies, runs at 985Khz, the maximal screen resolution is 320×256 and it has 64KB of RAM.

Haha, not even 1 MHz! Jeez, time flies by. (Fake-Edit: According to Wikipedia, the NTSC-version of the C64 had 1,022727 MHz.)