Blogging this because I like the title.

The dark side of shopping

The dark side of shopping - You’d think Darth Vader suddenly comes walking down the aisles while you’re grabbing some batteries. “Use the force, my friend.” “What the fuck?” “Exit the shop through the employee restroom.” “I-ah…. where is that?” “(Inhale/Exhale) Next to the vegetables… be careful, Jedi-scum is lurking in the frozen meat section nearby.” “Ah.. ok thanks, Darth. Hope you have a good day and all. Gotta go.” “(Inhale/Exhale) My pleasure.”

Ah no, but this is serious business. To quote the Guardian:

*It's perhaps not surprising that so many of us lose control in our extreme consumer society: we are not meant to be in control of anything, least of all the urge to shop. Compulsive shoppers tend to spend when they feel down, buying things they don't need, often returning or rapidly disposing of them and running up large debts in the process. At the extreme end of the spectrum are kleptomaniacs, driven to steal by the same compulsive urge that fuels gamblers and drug addicts. Then there are those who resort to stealing to maintain their lifestyle in these recession-gripped times.*