Please listen to this while reading the divorce court filings by Carradine’s ex-wife.

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble

FTA: “incestuous relationship with a very close family member” + “deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly”. Oops.

Well all I gotta say is it’s a pretty Kung-Fu way to go, tying yourself up in that way and then… you die. Ok, it’s not Kung-Fu, but it could’ve been. “The Way of the Angry Nut Monkey”. Err, “Angry Nut Monkey vs. the blinding rope.” “Where is Angry Nut Monkey?” “Angry Nut Monkey vs. Angry Nut Monkey.”

Yeah, I think that’s it. The only one to defeat angry nut monkey is angry nut monkey himself. And when the time has come, he has to tie himself up in such a way that all his force gets released and - aww fuck this shit, it’s sunday and I’ve got a hangover.