New Zealand horror film The French Doors serves as a glaring reminder that renovating your home doesn’t pay off.

The French Doors

Well not if you do it yourself. Cause if you do, a sucking vortex of darkness might manifest itself in your garden and pull you right in. At least that’s what I tell people when they bitch about the state of my bathroom: “No no, guys, it’s supposed to look that fucked up, it’s postmodern Ghetto-Bauhaus-chic” or some such.

Written and directed by Steve Ayson, “The French Doors” was nominated for best Kiwi short in 2003. Yeah I know that’s like six years ago. I stumbled upon that link yesterday, and thought it might be a fun idea to present a series of shorts on this blog. So here it is, the first entry. If you don’t like the “slow” build-up (10 min. running time after all), skip straight to the middle of part 2.

I like the idea and Ayson did a good job of transferring it to the screen. Alas that’s all he did as a director ever since. If IMDb is right, “French Doors” was his first and only movie to date. Well I wish him all the best and hopefully he’ll get a chance at another one real soon.