Demon Winner is a giant picture gallery for all the Golden Demon competitions held since 1987. Whether you like Games Workshop or not, the painting and modelling talent of some of these artists is a sight to behold.

Ork  - by Robert Sakaluk

Take Ben Komets for example. His dioramas usually come with a gritty narrative, and not only serve to showcase his awesome skillz. For those of you going “Woah Michael, that’s pretty cheesy. Elves and Robots and Dwarves and shit? What’s going on?”, relax. Warhammer is the epitome of cheesy, so your criticism is… out of place or whatever, I don’t really care.

But what I do care about is church in space, with battle tanks that use organ pipes for shootin'. Or orks. Orks are cool, what’s not to love? Case closed.