The picture above is the official cover artwork for Hibernaculum by Earth, a US drone-doom band signed to Southern Lord Records.

Southern Lord/Earth Cover Art

I really like the photography they choose to represent their acts. Mainly because “sensual” and “poetic” are not usually words that come to mind when thinking about artwork for metal music.

I saw Earth and label colleagues SUNN O))) live on stage two years ago. While Earth felt very bluesy, SUNN O))) was the kind of drone I came for. You can find some live videos on Youtube, but they hardly do the experience justice.

Imagine falling asleep next to a jet engine, except you like the feeling. Brooding, oppressive wall of sounds, emanating from a stage clouded in fog. Performed by people dressed like monks, worshipping gods of nihilism and sonic overload. Ah, holy goat! (… WTF sorry I got carried away)

Anyway, I’ve compiled a selection of covers (link removed, new cms) for you to look at. SUNN O))), Thrones, Boris, Orthodox, Wolves in the Throne Room, Burning Witch, Asbestos Death - think black, doom or drone metal. And then look at the artwork.