This is a game to play with your friends, and for them to play with their friends. Never enough to be crowded; never so few to be alone.

Love, the MMO

You can make your mark, but as in life, it’s not a contest. It’s not about who you are; it’s about the things you do. There is a small planet waiting for you to explore. There is an empire waiting for you to overthrow.

Love is the solo-project of swedish game designer Eskil Steenberg, an ambitious MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) about building and manipulating structures in a procedurally generated world. Or in other words, “Anything you can see you can build and destroy”.

But why would you want to destroy it? It looks so lovely. A welcome change from the standard fare of post-apocalyptic Blabla and Dungeons & Dragons fantasy settings. The teaser trailer and gameplay demo both look promising. I wasn’t able to find a release date, probably because it hasn’t been set yet.

Eskil prefers to work alone, or as he puts it, “to get stuff done” and not depend on volunteers. Considering he’s pretty much created his own genre (artsy adventure for sensitive gamers?), it probably takes this kind of stubborness to conceive and complete a gargantuan task like Love. I wish him all the best.