Two weeks ago I blogged about using GURPS for writing fiction.


The gist of the article was that RPG-systems provide a myriad of templates for creating scripts, novels, short-stories and anything else that involves a narrative.

PREVIEWS is not a RPG-system, but a monthly catalogue for comics and comics-related merchandise. So instead of dissecting the world into convenient building blocks (like GURPS), you get myriads of covers, teasers and descriptions for the latest graphic novels. Flipping through its pages is like getting a sensory overload of pop culture. Fantasy, Indie, Sci-Fi, Horror - if you want to catch a trend before everyone else does, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, the bulk of its 450 pages is made up of pulpy Superhero-stories, but there’s always a gem buried somewhere in-between.

Looking at the Toys & Apparel-section gives you a good idea of the marketing potential behind successful IPs like Star Trek or Gears of War. Dolls, T-Shirts, mugs, miniatures, replicas - if you want it, they have it, whether that’s a Klingon Cloaking Ship Mug for $12.99, or a life-size alien-bust from Gears of War for $650. Give PREVIEWS a try - it’s good brainstorming material and costs only $4.50. Available at your local comic store.