Ah yes. It’s that time of year again. No, not christmas. Much better. Much, much better.

Eurovision Cartoon

Instead of letting a fat bearded man sneak into the house while everyone’s asleep, today Europe will gleefully sit down in front of the TV and listen to a bunch of crap that passes for music. And why? I don’t know. I guess that’s why they call it “tradition”.

Hey, that punchline wasn’t as clever as I hoped it would be. Guess I have something in common with the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow. Hohoho! Wow, the jokes won’t stop. Because public voting in the last years was only interesting for sociologists studying migration (Hohoho!), they’ve decided to change it a bit.

Apparently now we’ll have expert judges giving points. Expert judges. Sounds like inviting a wine connoisseur to a party where people drink nail polish just to get drunk. Ah well I’ll stop now. Just take a look at this Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Eurovision Block Voting, if things prove to be a little confusing.