Timothy Leary: I would say, that one of the greatest pranks that I enjoyed was escaping from prison.

RE/Search Pranks

I had to take a lot of psychological tests during the classification period, and many of the tests I designed myself, so I took the tests in such a way that I was profiled as a very conforming, conventional person who would not possibly escape, and who had a great interest in gardening and forestry.

Excerpt from the interview with Timoty Leary, part of Pranks! from RE/Search Publications. Learn how Abbie Hoffman, Monte Cazazza, Jello Biafra, Earth First!, Joe Coleman, Karen Finley, John Waters and Henry Rollins (and more) challenge the sovereign authority of words, images and behavioral convention. From what I’ve heard, the story from Henry Rollins more than justifies its price.

Another book from RE/Search that was featured on this blog is J.G. Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition.