Fancy a bracelet that starts glowing red every time you’re close to an RFID-Scanner? Sure you do.


RFID is short for “Radio Frequency IDentification” and is used to track goods and packaging via small embedded chips. These things are everywhere: clothing, food, passports - basically everything that’s able to carry the “dust” sized chips (at the time of writing, Hitachi holds the record for smallest RFID at 150 x 150 x 7.5 microns).

Why should you worry about this? Because RFID not only tracks the product, but also the buyer - a fact that can be exploited by marketers, government agencies, and criminals. Apparently Benetton tried to sew millions of RFID tags into women’s garments in 2003 - a plan that was successfully boycotted by consumer group CASPIAN. Educate yourself about RFID at FoeBud or Wikipedia.

The FoeBud shop not only sells the aforementioned bracelet, but also envelopes and cases to protect consumer cards from RFID-scanners.