I found Police Radio Map via advertising on forums.somethingawful.com.

Police Radio Map

Since somethingawful.com is known for its satirical content, I wasn’t sure at first if the site was a joke or not. After listening to the radio of the New York City Fire Department for the last 15 minutes, I’m pretty sure it’s real.

The only problem I face is that, because I’m not a native speaker, some of the transmissions become hard to understand. Maybe I’m too lazy to focus or the FDNY mumble a lot, but I had trouble figuring out what’s going on. I mean I need to know exactly where the fires are raging. That is important vital information to me.

To choose a certain radio, you can either explore the Google map on the front page, or browse the feed list. At the time of writing, only radio stations from the continental US are covered. To listen to any of the feeds, you need the Flash-plugin, so nothing special there. The interface itself resembles Winamp, just press the “Play”-button and start listening.