I stumbled across Google Tech Talks while browsing the python mailing list for snippets of code I might abuse here and there.


Some people were discussing the merits of semi-free tutorial-website ShowMeDo and whether its design is functional enough for daily use. I’m not going to deconstruct all the arguments that were posted for and against it, better read the whole flame yourself.

Google Tech Talks got mentioned because - alongside MIT - they offer a wide variety of free educational videos. While MITs OpenCourseWare is more about covering fields of research like Mathematics or Media Arts and Sciences, Google offers podcasts of talks that were presented at the company. Topics range from The Secret History of Silicon Valley and <a href"http:="" www.youtube.com="" watch?v=“ZSFDm3UYkeE&feature=channel_page"">How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People to How to Count ALL Human Carbon Emissions in the US. If you’ve got trouble managing your E-Mail, give Inbox Zero: Strategies for dealing with high volume E-Mail a try.

One more thing comes to mind, and that’s Stanford on iTunes. Never gave it a try since iTunes no worky on Linux, but I thought I should mention it. Sure there are many more resources on the web offering similar services, the problem is separating the wheat from the chaff. If you’ve done some separating, feel free to drop me a mail.