Years ago there was a popular collaborative blog called “Foodspotting”. It featured all kinds of delicious pictures of entrées, main dishes, and desserts.

Food Porn

Sadly they had to close shop amidst legal troubles over copyright (guess it wasn’t that “collaborative”). Anyways, today I went looking for a successor… and got lucky.

I was secretly hoping there would be some kind of ressurrection, not of the site per se but of the idea. Well, what do you know - Food Porn Daily and TasteSpotting continue where Foodspotting left off. That is, providing you with mouth-watering food galleries and recipes. I don’t really care about the recipes, but what I do care about is “inspiration”.

You see, when I eat my bland lentil stew or pasta variation #533, I’d like to at least think of something that tastes good. Like “Italian Eggs with Spinach Marinara over Polenta”, “Cinnamon Pan Dulce (Mexican Morning Buns)" or “Slow Roasted Strawberries over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.". Gurgl. Drool. Back to my lentil stew.