Memorable events in browsing history, week #16

Free Software Foundation Gnu

Facebook wins Zimbabwe election on T&Cs
Remember when Facebook tried to change its terms and conditions to own everything you ever published until, like, forever? Yeah, that was in February. Meanwhile they’ve held some kind of election over new T&Cs, with a staggering 0.03 per cent of user participation. That’s you, the user. Apparently they publicised a call for vote “somewhere”, but neither I nor any of my Facebook-friends (“friends”) know anything about it. Do you? As one researcher in the article puts it: “It’s their assumption of the language of democracy that I really object to.”

GeoCities demolished
Ah well, every empire must fall I guess. Remember that stupid Geocities-Bar on top of every crappy page back in the 90’s? I do. And I don’t miss it. To be fair, Geocities proved to be a quick & dirty way to set up your first “Homepage”. Nobody says “Homepage” anymore, do they? In the same way that everyone stopped using GC and moved to Blogspot or Wordpress. We got Blogs now.

Peggle Inside WoW: World Collapses In On Self
As Alec Meer so aptly puts it, that’s like “mixing Pringles with Heroin”. For those not in the know, Peggle is a pinball-like casual-game, and WoW is well, WoW. World of Warcraft. The most popular MMO on the planet. And now you can access two of the most popular games through one interface. Inside a game. Jesus Christ. Why don’t they start marketing one of those tubs from the Matrix? You know, the ones where people spend all their life in, connected to the matrix and providing energy to the machines? Couch Potato-ism will ruin us all.

To be honest, I haven’t really spent much time browsing WHATWEKNOWSOFAR. Biella Coleman says this performance group puts “regular academics to shame”. She’s right most of the time, so I’ll just take it for granted. BTW I really like linking to her blog, you should check it out.

Richard Stallman über unfreie Anwender und Distributionen
As you might have guessed by reading the title, this one’s in german. Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, talks about teaching people to be free and not using Software as a Service. Quote: “In jeder Diskussion sehe ich, dass die, die Freiheit wichtig halten, in der Minderheit sind. Schauen Sie doch mal die Kommentare auf Slashdot an, welcher Bruchteil der Leute die Freiheit verteidigt und wie viele die praktischen Ziele verteidigen. Die meisten sorgen sich nur um die Technik." Babblefish: Slashdot sucks ass, go read Hackernews.

Blood Bowl Open Beta
You like Orks? You like playing Warhammer-tabletop-games? Then you probably already know about the videogame version of Blood Bowl and its imminent release for Xbox 360 and PC. “Blood Bowl” is a slightly more brutal version of American Football, pitting Orks, Humans, Dwarves and whatnot against each other. The trailer looks really cool, but my PC is too weak and I’m not shelling out 200 € for a new graphics card. Or should I? (Yes.) No.