I first read about PiHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved) in Mondo’s Guide to the New Edge, the closest thing I had to a bible in High School.


“PiHKAL” itself is part autobiography, part psychedelic cookbook, providing instructions for the synthesis of over 200 psychoactive compounds.

You need a degree in chemistry to master any of the formulas, but that’s not what fascinated me about Alexander and Ann Shulgin’s book in the first place. It’s the idea of creating, experiencing and analysing every psychedelic substance imaginable in a respectful and scientific way. To realize you’re dealing with more than a simple recreational device, but a tool to explore the psyche’s outmost boundaries.

I liked that. Reconnecting ancient shamanistic rituals with today’s scientific practices. Reminds me to talk about a bunch of papers I read about artists and shamanists, will do so another day. Enjoy the links. And don’t try this at home.