Memorable events in browsing history, week #15


How long will it last?
New Scientist-illustration depicting the number of years left of various key resources. Assuming global consumption equals global production, we would have about 34 to 46 years left of using zinc. 46 years if the rate of consumption remains steady, 34 years if it increases to half the US consumption rate (yes, half!). Interesting stuff. I didn’t know there was a mineral called Germanium. Apparently you use it for infrared optics and semiconductors. At this point I wanted to make a joke about Hitler desperately looking for a chemical element (what’s up with that name?), but that graphic is just too depressing. Aw, man.

Why airplane doors can’t be opened mid-flight
Yes, why not? Apparently that’s a matter of concern to some people, I never gave it much thought. Until now, that is. I like it when someone tells me not to be paranoid about something I didn’t know I should be paranoid about in the first place. I mean, what gives? Airplane doors?! Can we please just stick to crazies going postal with guns now and then? It’s already more than I can handle.

Morrissey Throws A Diva Tantrum During Music Festival
Apparently those people at Coachella like their Hot Dogs. Hint: Don’t eat too close to the stage. FTA: The notoriously temperamental Morrissey was one of the performers on the first day. Midway through his set, the vegetarian said, “I can smell burning flesh and I hope to God it’s human,” as the smell of barbequed meat from nearby food stands wafted through the air. HAhahaha. Yeah, you better eat some ManBeef-Burgers, or else. But the drama didn’t stop there. FTA: A few minutes later, Moz walked off the stage in the middle of Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. He returned shortly afterward, saying, “The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I just couldn’t bear it." But the smell of human flesh makes him what, happy? Hungry for Tofu? We will never find out.

Mighty Morphin' Death Row Ranger
Another story from Perez. This one’s about former Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers actor Skylar Deleon getting the death sentence for the killing of two people. Icky stuff. Apparently he took a test cruise with a couple on their yacht, pretending to purchase it. At some point he must’ve thought it would be a good idea to knock them both out, tie them to an anchor and throw them overboard. Cause that’s what he did. The Defense blamed his botched up childhood (being a Power Ranger?), but the jury was having none of it. I can see his final days in prison: Performing his Power Ranger-moves, waiting for that transformation spell. And it just won’t come.

Prototype - Opening Cinematic
Nothing in particular, just a CGI-Trailer for a video game. Then again, is it entirely CGI? It looks like they filmed some real-world-scenes and polished them up with Maya or whatever they use these days. In that case, well done. The transition is very fluid and the urban wasteland very “pretty” to look at. Don’t expect the gameplay to look anything like this.