I re-read Adam Parfrey’s Apocalypse Culture on Sunday, looking for bits and pieces that might have some relation to Easter.


You could say that the idea behind “The Process: Church of the Final Judgment” has something to do with death and resurrection, but that’s not why I chose to talk about them. I chose them because man, that dude looks like Jesus.

And by “dude” I mean Robert de Grimston, charismatic leader of the aforementioned “The Process”, a 1960’s religious movement somewhere between deep psychotherapy and satanism. With links to Charles Manson. And the Sun-of-Sam-murders. Possibly founded by german neo-nazis as a front to raise money in the states. The rumors just won’t stop. After spending the last hour researching their history through almighty Google, I can say a few things about them:

  1. I swear there has to be at least one episode of Columbo with that Jesus-y looking dude. He’s super-cool, shagging disciples and Columbo is like totally dorky and doesn’t know shit. In the last ten minutes, Columbo solves the murder case and Jesus is like “Uh-oh” and Columbo keeps smiling and chewing on his cigar. The End.
  2. Although Manson contributed “a meditation on death” to the Process newsletter, he wasn’t a registered member of any local Chapter. Some of the Church members visited him in prison and confirmed this. Whatever.
  3. There’s no evidence that links “The Process” to the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). Rather de Grimston and his partner, Mary Anne Maclean, were unhappy whith Scientology and left to create a movement of their own. Based on the teachings of Alfred Adler, the couple’s “Compulsion Analysis” served to heighten one’s self-awareness. Apparently they also used something called a “P-Scope”, not unlike Scientology’s “E-Meter”. Guess what? Scientology put them on their Shitlist (aka Scientology’s list of Suppressive Persons and Suppressive Groups).
BONUS ROUND: De Grimston published a fun little pamphlet called “SATAN ON WAR”. Out of print and with no surviving copies left, you can thank Christ, Satan, Lucifer or Jehovah or whatever that someone decided to publish it on the net. If you like batshit-crazy religious propaganda from the 60’s, go ahead and read it. According to disinformation, Genesis P-Orridge used it as a basis for Psychic TV’s S.M.I.L.E.