I’ve been reading Naked Lunch again for the umpteenth time, I guess it’s my go-to book when everything else fails.


It’s become some kind of mantra; after a few pages my thoughts start drifting away, caught somewhere between Burrough’s ideas and everything else occupying my mind. The resulting meta-Ping-Pong ensures that I’ll read it again and again, skipping paragraphs and re-discovering them at some point later in time.

Thanks to Youtube, you can listen to the man himself talking about his writing technique. The title of this entry stems from Burrough’s theory that the word began as a biological virus (Language is a virus from outer space). Changing the throat structure of protohumans, it allowed the host to form complex vocal sounds, propagating itself from tribe to tribe.

To be honest I never took this very seriously, although it served as a good starting point to artists like Laurie Anderson or ethnobotanists like Terence McKenna:

And I felt language rise up in me that was unhooked from English and I began to speak like this:

Eeeoo ded hwauopsy mectoph, mectagin dupwoxin, moi phoi wops eppepepekin gitto phepsy demego doi aga din a doich demoi aga donc heedey obectdee doohueana.