Between yesterday’s dithered picture and me watching Liquid Sky, I feel some strong 8-bit-vibes re-emerging just in time for spring.

IK plusyiaahhh

Because when nature starts to show off its millions of colors, you really want to think back to a time when you were drooling over the 16-color-palette of the C64.

But color (third time) me stupid if that Liquid-Sky-soundtrack doesn’t remind one of Neuromancer, the game. I originally thought the limitations of the SID-chip made it sound all garbled and edgy, but apparently that’s how they rolled back then (EDIT: Oh ok, DEVO recorded the soundtrack | check out the remix).

Just download and listen to the High Voltage SID Collection to get a feel for the beauty and simplicity that resides in an 8-bit remix of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”. Or the soundtrack to “Uridium”. Or “Alleykat”. Or.. why not just download the VICE Emulator and replay those games on your PC. Yeah, go do that. Because it’s 18 degrees outside, no clouds and - hey, start downloading.