Memorable events in browsing history, week #13

Military robots and the future of war
TED-talk with lots of robo-porn, short on in-depth information but interesting nonetheless.


Features the infamous “Big Dog” from Boston Dynamic’s, a US-army commisioned robotic mule. Follow the link to watch it move and most of all, receive an ass-kick - the first time I “felt” sorry for a machine. Yes, its movement patterns are that lifelike.

The Rise and Fall of Thinking Machines Corporation (1995)
OK so this was first published nearly 15 years ago. BUT the behaviour of the persons involved and “the way of the FAIL” seem as timely as ever. They were trying to market supercomputers designed for research in Artificial Intelligence, but bad business decisions and cheap commodity hardware got the better of them.

Listen to your users
Marketing 101 concerning web sites, can be applied to anything.

How to open Sentex keypad-access doors
Jesus Christ people, change your passwords. (**00000099# if you want to try it out right away)

Google’s User Data Empire
The page refuses to load now (oohhh…), I remember a collection of reasons to hate Google. Again.

Manga Studio Debut 4
A 50-buck-app for creating comics that’s used by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame? Hmm.

40k Red Orktober Killcroozer
OMFG, the most beautiful spaceship ever. “The greenskins have not mastered the art of space travel because they do not care where they are going, only that they get to kill something when they get there.” Ahem.