Hundreds of sleazy cover-shots from now-defunct Elvifrance.

If I understand its french Wikipedia-entry correctly, Elvifrance must have been the darling of the commission for censorship: With 532 titles rated X and 176 completely barred from distribution, you can tell reading these must have been a lot of… fun.

Starting out in the 70’s with comics centering on horror, humor and adventure, EF increasingly added gore and sex to the mix. With the rise of VHS and cable companies like Canal+, the 80’s spelled the end for raunchy adult comics in black & white. Changing from soft sex to porn didn’t help much, and they had to close shop in 1992.

Here’s a pre-selection of fun-looking covers (link removed, new cms), in case you’re too lazy to sift through the vast archives. (Found via Robin Bougie’s Adult-Underground-Blog)