Based on the 1998 japanese manga of the same name, Cat Shit One - The animated series (“Apocalypse Meow” in Europe) chronicles the adventures of soldiers Botaski, Perkins and Rats in the middle east.


And they are bunnies. Alongside koalas (Australians), pigs (French), rats (British) and pandas (Chinese).

Perkins and his crew - members of top-notch recon group “Cat Shit One” - are Americans. Originally set in the vietnam war, it was rumored that the animated series would take place during the Iran hostage crisis. According to unofficial english subtitles for the movie trailer, a setting after 1991 is more likely.

I must say, I’m impressed. Motofumi Kobayashi borrowed a few pages from Art Spiegelmann, obviously, but the styling is more reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid 4. Hopefully this will be hard-hitting and realistic, and not some cuddly version of Rambo. Stay tuned for updates on the release schedule for Europe and the US. Oh, and go watch the trailer. (Found via Robin Bougie’s Adult-Underground-Blog)