Taking a quick glance at the last few entries, I realize they have been somewhat downbeat. Well this is all going to change right now, because I will introduce you to “Hello Kitty Online”, “the cutest game world ever”!


Yes, Sanrio Corp’s merchandising juggernaut has finally managed to sneak into the world of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs). Judging by the official trailer, your main job will be trying to survive the cute overload on screen. I mean, look at the colours. It’s like somebody is trying to stab you with candy-sticks, while simultaneously throwing up marsh-mellows in your face.

But no seriously, it’s probably awesome. You can beat up monsters, talk to Sanrio-characters, farm (?), customize your avatar and walk through Kitty-nized versions of Beijing and Paris. Hey, what’s this? Four horsemen are waving at me from that hill over there. Hello horsemen! Sheesh, they look pretty grim.